Slimming Tea Vy&Tea

Many women have a diet that is not scientific leading to overweight, causing lack of confidence in the body. However, women do not have time to exercise regularly, as well as having many difficulties with dieting. The solution that many people choose is the use of accelerated weight loss pills. But the reality is that many weight loss drugs in the market are more or less cause side effects such as headaches, menstrual disorders, nausea, fatigue after stopping drugs …
To meet the need to lose weight Ha Vy Trading & Service Company Limited provides  Slimming Tea Vy&Teay with 100% natural ingredients, helping to regain shape after only 20 days.


1. Product Information

– Product Name : Slimming Tea Vy&Tea
– Package:  30g / pack, box 15 packs
– Ingredients:  100% natural herbal weight loss weight loss: weight loss, orange grapefruit, green tea, ginseng, suffering through, useful form, draft resolutions.
– Presentation:  15 days – Price: 500,000 VND
30 days – Price: 950,000 VND

2. Reduce weight safely after 20 days with Vy & Tea herbal tea

Unlike western medicine, weight loss medication contains unnatural ingredients, Ha Vy’s weight loss herbal tea is absolutely safe:
– Tea powder is extracted from natural herbs 100%, no preservatives: 
Weight loss  pill : is a traditional medicine, weight loss support
Lotus leaf:  treatment of insomnia, do not cause headache, help the body always feel good.
Weight loss: the  effect of heat bar, pepper inflammation, menstrual regulation, milk benefits, help women lose weight immediately after birth
. Orange pomelo:  cravings suppressed appetite
Green tea:  reduce blood fat, liver, toxins excreted in the body, help the process of weight loss is accelerated
Ginseng: Vitamin A, anti-aging, pink skin, youthfulness
 Vitamin C: Leading vitamin C in the vegetables, anti-cardiovascular, heart protection, effective slimming.
Useful form:  Menstrual regulation , good for cardiovascular
Thao deciding:  regulate fat metabolism, reduce blood fat, anti-obesity


– The natural ingredients of herbal tea both help with weight loss, heat and detoxify the liver.
– Herbal weight loss with herbal milk benefits, women after birth can also be used immediately.
– The product has no side effects such as menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, nausea.
– Safe for children, low blood pressure can also be used

3. Slimming Tea Vy&Tea – Effective weight loss after 20 days

Weight loss program with herbal weight loss tea Vy & Tea was built to help women easily get slim body after 20 days.
Just a glass of a glass of herbal tea Vy & Tea, combining scientific diet: Less starch, fat, do not eat after 7 pm, do not drink fizzy drinks can easily lose weight without Must follow the rigorous diet, strict.
Quick weight loss as expected with only one package of tea each morning:
– Mix a packet of herbal Vy & Tea weight loss tea with 100ml boiling water, drink before breakfast 30 – 40 minutes.
– Continuous persistence for 20 days, you will notice marked weight loss effect.
Note:  For people with low blood pressure, should use the product after breakfast about 30 minutes. No need to eat, do not need to exercise regularly

4. Why should you choose Slimming Tea Vy&Tea?

– Excess fat burning, completely liberate excess energy.
– Reduce appetite, increase alertness for the body.
– No need to diet, no exercise still lose weight.
– Commit to not gain weight again after successful weight loss.
– Body bar, anti-oxygen Anti-aging effect
– Milk benefits for mother after birth
– Skin smooth, full of vitality
– Menstrual
regulation , effective dysmenorrhea – No side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea…

5. How to use Slimming Tea Vy&Tea

– Dissolve 1 tea pack of weight loss Vy & Tea with 100ml boiling water, gently shake and drink before breakfast 30 – 40 minutes.
– For low blood pressure, drink after 30 minutes.
– Weight loss tea products Vy & Tea extracted from weightloss, tea and some natural herbs suitable for all subjects including children and pregnant women.
– You do not need to diet, maintain the diet as usual, can limit starches and fat, alcoholic beverages, do not eat after 7 o’clock.
Note:   During tea use, you will lose appetite instead of being very thirsty, so you should drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to quickly eliminate excess fat. , toxins out.